Mount Psiloritis Route

About The Route

The Mount Psiloritis route starts off at our pick-up point in Matala at 9am. We pass through the villages of Pitsidia, Petrokefali, Mires and then on to the traditional village of Zaros, located at the foot of Mount Psiloritis, which is well-known for its spring water which was awarded as the 'best bottled mineral water in the world for 2017'

We have our first stop at the Votomos Lake of Zaros for a quick refreshment and/or a scenic walk around the lake. From Zaros we continue our way to the village of Gergeri where we start ascending Mount Psiloritis along rugged mountain roads used only by the local shepherds. Here you will be able to see snow even during some of the summer months!

After ascending the mountain with authentic cretan landscape, we go straight to Skinakas Observatory, at an altitude of 1750 metres, where you can see Crete from almost the highest point of Mount Psiloritis. Have your cameras ready as we see panoramic views of the city of Iraklio, the island of Dia and the Eastern side of the city of Rethymnon.

We then head for the authentic, Cretan mountain village of Zoniana. There we will be given a tour, by a professional, local guide, of the impressive cave of Sfendoni, the most beautiful cave in Crete and one of the most beautiful in the whole of Greece with its stalactite and stalagmite decoration.

By this time we will have built up an appetite, perfect for our next stop which is lunch at the traditional and cultural village of Anogeia where we will taste the best local lamb cooked in the most authentically Cretan way of cooking meat called 'antikristo'. You will also have the chance to see and buy traditional hand woven textiles made by the locals and other souvenirs.

After enjoying your meal, we head for the Nida Plateau, (1538m alt.) to the Ideon Andron cave, well-known in Greek mythology as the cave where Zeus was hidden from his father Cronus who was eating his babies!

Our journey continues to descend the mountain, but this time we go down the other side of Mount Psiloritis with breath-taking views of the South coast.
We then pass through the villages of Vorizia and Vori and head for Afrathia Beach, where we drive along the coastal road, through Kalamaki and onto Komos Beach where there is time to swim before watching the brilliant sunset and heading back to Matala at approximately 8pm.



Every Thursday & Sunday

09:00 - 20:00

Distance covered

200 kilometers


Included in the price


Vegetarian & Vegan options available


Entrance to Sfendoni cave 4-5 euros.

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