Ideon Andron Cave of Zeus

The Ideon Andron Cave is located on the Eastern slopes of Mount Psiloritis at an altitude of 1538 metres, just above the Nida Plateau. It has an area of 800 square metres. The cave does not have very special speleological value, but has enormous mythological and cultural value as, according to legend, this is the cave in which the greatest Greek god, Zeus, was brought up.
According to a prophecy, Cronus, in fear of losing his throne to his sons, would devour his children when they were born. Their mother, Rea, desperate to save her sixth baby, Zeus, went to this cave to give birth. She then kept the baby hidden in this cave. He was taken care of by the Nymphs and drank the milk of a goat called Amalthia. Rea tricked Cronus by giving him a rock wrapped in swaddling clothes to devour instead of her last-born son. The baby's cries were covered by the legendary Curetes, who beat drums and clashed their shields as they danced.
Thus the prophecy came true, and when Zeus came of age, he overthrew his father Cronus and claimed his power. Nice folds of platy marble can be seen, both at the entrance and in the large interior. The cave is not particularly important from a geological point of view as it is relatively small and lacks cave decoration. However, near the entrance, three majestic stalactites welcome visitors.

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