Komos Beach

Komos beach is a long, white, sandy beach near Matala. Right on the beach front, you will find the archeological site of Komos, the ruins of which was a small Minoan town dating back to 2000 BC. The ancient site is said to have been the Minoan summer time town and a port to serve the needs of Festos.
Just opposite the archaeological site, about 300 metres into the sea, you will see a big rock, which the locals call Volakas. According to Greek mythology, Volakas is the top of the boulder that the blinded Cyclope Polyphemus threw at the ship of Odysseus to prevent it from escaping. This was after Odysseus and his companions escaped from Polyphemus’ cave.
Komos Beach is also well-known as the place where the protected Loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta Caretta) come ashore to lay their eggs in the sand from May to September, so one should watch their step when walking along the beach. You may see some nests with a protective cage over them.
The entire beachfront of Messara is exposed to Westerly winds so the sea can get rough.
The views from Komos Beach are breathtaking. You can see the two Paximadia Islets which are stunning, especially at sunset.

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